Flickr Potpourri

I’ve just given up on a Google search to find other blogs like mine. I found a few. They were mostly just collections of photos  (often of the blogger’s) with brief notes. Some were relics with no postings for a year or more. Others, like Flickrlicio, were just excused to post racy photos found on flickr (violating copyright law in the process). Pretty disappointing.

A bit off the subject, but I found an interesting attempt to justify pilfering flickr photos on After Gutenberg, a seemingly general blog. The author claims “fair use” in a note on the top of the home page. The claim doesn’t pass the smell test. Other than being a non-profit, AG doesn’t come close to meeting the test for fair use. If AG was correct, copyright law would cease to exist on the Internet for any “nonprofit” web site.

Flickr continues to struggle with copyright issues, particularly with how to deal with claims of infringement.

Maybe my Google skills are deserting me, but I would have thought there’d be tons of blogs about flickr. Flickr’s own blog, of course, is listed by Google lots and lots.

There’s a group on flickr for second life porn. Really. Here’s a typical example. I wonder, if you don’t use a rubber in second life does the woman get pregnant? One day I may come to understand second life and other such things. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my first life.

Here’s a Internet site offering free software to crudely watermark your flickr photos. This site sells software to remove watermarks! I’m thinking about just blacking out all my flickr photos or only posting them in micro form (10 pixels by 8 pixels) – that’ll show those thieves!

This NYT  December “personal tech” piece about using flickr images to decorate your home raised quite a few hackles, and abuse. Hard to believe the nation’s paper of record could get something so wrong.

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I’ll end with a image of mine having utterly nothing to do with this post. Why? Because I can…

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