“Long, Beautiful Hair”

Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen

Give me down to there hair
Shoulder length or longer…

When I was a freshman in college, in Philadelphia, I fell in love with a women with long, gorgeous red hair. Her wonderful tresses fell almost to her waist.  My love was unconsummated. We both had lovers somewhere else; mine was in middle Tennessee. I don’t recall where her boyfriend was. Somewhere at one of the Big Ten schools, maybe. Alas, we were both too conscientious.

I got a different perspective on long haired women the first time I tried to make love with one:

Ahh, you feel so good, baby! You’re so sexy!”‘ I whispered in her ear, feeling my eagerness rise, as I snaked my hand slowly between her slightly parted thighs.

Ouch! Your on my hair!‘” she yelped. I quickly moved my offending elbow. “Oh, that’s better…” She smiled up at me as she replaced my hand to where it had been, then slipped her left hand between my legs and delightfully fondled  her discovery, “you feel so big…

I slid my body awkwardly on top of hers, hoping I wouldn’t be denied the ultimate pleasure (and also hoping I wouldn’t reach my ultimate pleasure too soon). “Oh, baby, I want you so baaad, you turn me on sooo much… Let me put it inside you, please!

I put one hand down on the bed just beside each of her shoulders, then pressed firmly down with my palms and fingers to lift myself up into position to take that blissful plunge. She smiled, closed her eyes and tried to rise from the bed quickly to kiss me. Before her lips could brush mine her head snapped back down, hitting the bed, then bounced an inch or so back toward me. Hers eyes snapped open as she uttered a tiny, startled squeak, then tried raising her head again with only partial success.

Shit!,” she cried.You’re on my fucking hair again!!She struggled to get free. “What’s wrong with you?” She didn’t sound like she was still in the mood. I felt myself begin to wilt. “Let me up!she demanded as she managed at last to free her hair from my frozen grasp and roll out from under me.

She sat up straight, then shook her long hair with an emphatic toss of her head, as if hoping to rid her wavy locks from my malign entanglement. She didn’t look at me. Brushing some stray locks away from her face, she jumped out of bed and strode briskly toward  the bathroom. Her hair bounced along behind her like a pair of quarreling puppies.

“Where’s my goddam bra?” she muttered to herself, then stopped, stooped down and grabbed it and her tiny, matching blue panties off the cluttered floor. When she reached the bathroom door, she hesitated for an instant, then whirled around to glare at me, “Uh, I forgot, I have to wash my hair tonight and then study for a test tomorrow… Lock the door on your way out, OK?”  Not waiting for my reply, she turned briskly back to the door, her hair dancing sideways nervously against her naked back, rushed through it, then quickly slammed the door shut behind her.

Can I call you tomorrow?,” I called out. The only response I got was the rapid click of the lock followed almost immediately by the sudden roar of water running in the tiny shower.

I pulled myself slowly up from her bed and scanned the room for my abandoned clothes. I felt sticky and alone.

The Thirty-third Magic of Women Flickr gallery is a celebration of sexy women with long hair (you can look but don’t touch):

Long, Beautiful Hair

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Anyone can see the gallery, Only Flickr members with safe search off can see these photos

A few shots too unshorn for the gallery: locks, tresses, curls, wisps, bangs, wavy, straight, and braids.

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Flickr Group: Hair-Scene

by me:

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