I am not acrobatic. At all. My best move is getting out of bed without falling down. I succeed at this thrilling, death defying  feat over ninety percent of the time!

When I was in high school, and about a ton lighter than I am today, I could do somersaults and a little bit of tumbling. It was nice, but I yearned for more horizontal acrobatic moves with my girlfriend Judy.

Its hard not to be awed by acrobats. Such graceful, and seemingly impossible feats! Such muscles! Such precision! Such gorgeous costumes. Such fun waiting for one or more of them to fall and suffer serious  injury  (thus vindicating your sedentary lifestyle…)

To purge my guilt, I give you – high above the center ringFlickr acrobats in their very own gallery:


A Flickr group: Acrobats

Read All of VISIONS

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