Tis the Season…

When I was a child, Christmas tree ornaments seemed like magic spheres of color to me. I loved all those brightly tinted, fragile glass balls, each with a little silver hook on top: the deep red ones, the electric blue ones, and the twinkling gold ones.  I adored the ones with pretty pictures on each side, or embossed with sculpted snow scenes.

For all but a few days of the year those magic balls were hidden away, dull and lifeless, in an ancient cardboard box stored in one corner of the garage. But a few days before Christmas, just after dad had brought home a six foot tall, bare evergreen tree, they sprang out of their cardboard prison; and, with our help, spread around our tree, then at last began to glow and glisten like elegant little planets when hung among the garlands of silver glitter and haphazard strings of diminutive blinking blue, red and yellow lights wrapped around the slightly lopsided tree.

In the earliest Christmas I can remember with clarity, my mother permitted me and each of my two younger brothers to choose and place two or three of the precious glass ornaments on our tree. I was very deliberate in my choice of where on the tree, at what height, and on which branch, I would carefully hang each of my chosen magic ornaments. My younger brothers, alas, did not share my artistic sensibility; impatient for Christmas cookies and presents, they would recklessly drop their unfortunate ornaments on the tip of whatever branch was handy.

Here’s a gallery called Christmas Tree Ornaments I put together just for Christmas. Enjoy!

Read all of Visions

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