Don’t Let Me Die!

A note for the regular readers of Visions: tomorrow your humble scribe is schedules for kinda almost major surgery. As with all surgery there is risk. Granted, in my case the risk is relatively small (about 0.00001%), still the prospect of facing a one in ten million chance of … death is daunting. I am told by those who have survived my upcoming ordeal the operation could take as long as ten to fifteen hours er, minutes. The equally grim news is  full recovery may take as long as three or more days!

Please do not send cards or flowers. Just knowing my loyal readers will be praying for me is enough.

I wanted to hire a young, female – Swedish – private duty nurse to take care of me during my recovery (and for a week or so thereafter just to make sure I do not succumb to some unexpected, adverse complication). In what I find a stunning blow to my prospect of being fully rehabilitated, my wife cruelly refused to even consider my entirely reasonable request.

Too bad. I love nurses. So kind. So caring. So sweet. So absolutely hot in those tight, white uniforms and those dear little white caps. Such delicious icons of lush sexuality.

So, as a salute to all angels of mercy everywhere, I give you the Magic of Women gallery (number thirty-two):


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Anyone can see the gallery. Only Flickr members with safe search off can these explicit photos.

Shots too feverish for the gallery: Nurse assistant, Registered nurse, Public health nurse, Licensed practical nurse, Nurse practitioner, Nurse midwife, Home health nurse.

P.S. My goodness, there really are regular readers out there… My “surgery” is outpatient cataract removal… I don’t think I get more than a “get better soon!” from a nurse.

2 Responses to “Don’t Let Me Die!”

  1. if it weren’t for your lovely photos…i would sic all my fellow nurses on you….

    i hope your undisclosed but admittedly minor surgery goes well…
    remember my dear patient, nurses are there to return you to your previous level of function as soon as medically possible…..

    somtimes that requires rather unpleasnt and uncomfortable procedures….

  2. Meanlittleboy Says:

    You might ask Jesus to watch over you too??Good luck ,you will be fine,,,MLB

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