Belles Femmes de France

J’adore les femmes. J’adore la France. Les femmes françaises sont belles et désirables. Je veux faire l’amour à tous!

I can only hope Google Translate didn’t turn my English into French nonsense.  if you want to know what it says above (if you have no French) go use an internet translation site.

I was in France in the mid 1990’s. Paris, mostly. As required for all left leaning intellectual wannabes who came of age in the sixties, I fell in love with all things French. The wine. The bread. The escargot. Those marvelous, marvelous sauces. The Louvre. The Eiffel Tower, the Lef Bank, the Right Bank….

And the women. Ah! The women.  A woman speaking French in a low, husky voice is sexy. Even if she’s five foot two and weighs two hundred pounds she’s still sexy.  A haughty French woman smoking a cigarette and purposely ignoring you is sexy. A young, raven haired woman, dressed all in black, wearing boots, with stark, black and white makeup is sexy. Hell, just about all French women are sexy…

So here it is (you knew it was coming), the thirty-first Magic of Women gallery:

Belles Femmes de France

All of the Magic or Women galleries are here

anyone can see the gallery, only Flickr members with safe search OFF can see the images below

photos de femmes nues magnifiques: Bordeaux Burgundy Champagne Languedoc Loire Provence Rhone

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