No Melancholy Dane

The world is a wondrous place. Perkriz, today’s featured photographer, is from northwestern Denmark and is half of a blues duo, Blue4two, specializing in American blues from the ’50’s and before.

I haven’t heard his blues playing. My computer can’t digest his mp3 files. I can tell you this: there is nothing melancholy about his photography. His work is strong, clear and well composed.

Perkriz describes his philosophy as follows:

To see the world from a new angle is to learn more. I want to learn as long as I live. I think photography can show us something, that help us to understand a little bit more of life on Earth. My motto is: Follow those, who are seeking the truth – and avoid those who declare they have found it!

This set of his best photos is as refreshing as chill water on a summer day. Here’s his Flickr profile. Visit his blues site, Blue4two.

Read all of Visions

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