Playing Dead

There are six hundred nineteen photos on Flickr tagged dead dog. Don’t go there. Most of the photos are gruesome.  You can add  many of these photos of decayed dog cadavers to a gallery. I won’t comment on that. Yes I  will. Naked boobs verboten; decomposing dog jawohl. Family values, I guess.

There are eight hundred thirty-four photos tagged dead body. Don’t look if you just had a large snack. Some of these are photos of women playing dead. Others are the real McCoy. Others make no sense at all. Again, you can add the snapshots of dead folk to a gallery.

Dead zebra delivers a mere 117 photos, almost half of which are photos of  actual dead (or dying) zebras. Lions play a supporting role in most of those shots.

Dead Duck clocks in at 184 images, About a third are of ducks rigor mortis. Lots of toy ducks, cartoon ducks and, I have no idea why, several of the same woman playing guitar (anyone know of a song “Dead Duck”?)

Dead drunk presents a mere twenty-two photos, virtually all of people. They could all be drunk, or they could all be part of a oversized rock band called Dead Drunk…

Dead Red. Down to nine shots, four of  which are of red wine (there’s a California alcohol free red wine called “Dead Red”).

Dead Certain. Here we find 24 photos, all by the same person,  of what appears to be a community theater production of the play Dead Certain. Where and when the production took place are omitted from the photos’ notes.

Read all of Visions

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