Desperate for more hits, I wracked my brain how I could create a Magic or Women gallery that would entice more folks to visit my blog. I’ve noticed the title of the gallery seems to make a difference. Wet & Wild and Blondes drew many more views that Girls in Hats and Gloves even though  the photos in each group had about the same degree of sexiness.

Then it hit me – models!! We all think models are sexy. Yes!. A brilliant concept! A gallery culled from the Flickr group Models. They’ll eat that up. I’ll get tons of hits!! So here it is – The Magic of Women:


All the Magic of Women galleries linked to HERE

Images too steamy for the gallery: Bundchen, Kass, Beckham, Hilton, Klum, and Kurkova. Only Flickr members with safe search off can see these images (anyone can see the gallery).

Read all of Visions

Here’s a shot of Angela, my one and only model:

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