From Russia With Love

When I was a teen the James Bond films were all the rage. Of course, as a budding intellectual, I read the books before seeing the movies.

Despite my present affection for Daniel Craig in the role of Bond, I must confess Sean Connery remains my favorite 007.

Today the original Bond films do not hold up well. Much of the acting is laughable, sexism reigns supreme, and the plots are ridiculous. But, as bad as they are, those early films, and particularly From Russia with Love, still play in the Cinemax of my heart.

Whatever else seems weak in retrospect in the earliest 007 films, the sexiness of the women remains a potent force. As hot as those early Bond girls remain today on film  (hard to believe those women are now likely in their sixties),  in my silver screen recollection  those curvy, bikini clad damsels  made it hard to breathe (and sent me hurrying home to find the old Sears & Roebuck catalog and a little privacy).

Here’s a pictorial salute those Bond girls, and the girls from our once fearsome atomic adversary, The Magic of Women:


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