OK, time to get back to what gets Visions a respectable number of hits: sexy women!

This is the twenty-fifth Magic of Women gallery. As you might imagine, it is getting a little bit harder each time to come up with a suitable excuse to hunt Flickr for pictures of sexy women with a common theme and then post those photos here.

While it may be getting harder, the good news is you intrepid blogger is more than up to the task, so here it is, the next of what is proving to be a very long series, The Magic of Women:


You must be a Flickr member with safe search OFF to see the following explicit photos (anyone can see the gallery).

Shots too raw to make the gallery:Ana-kyu-maki, Chakin-zushi, Funamori, Hijiki, Ikura, and Arigato

Here’s a Flickr group right on point: TOKYO  GIRLS

All the Magic of Women galleries linked to HERE

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