War and Rumors of War

Flickr isn’t just for pretty pictures. With the emotional wallop of  still photography, Flickr provides the world with a vivid photographic chronicle of conflicts around the world.

We have become accustomed to ignoring a three minute snippet of TV news about some far away chaos. Flickr shows us faces contorted in pain, police shooting down students in the streets, and the tens of thousands of young and not so young protesters massing in Tehran.

Here, in the form of a Flickr gallery, is a tribute to the brave revolutionaries in Iran and their supporters around the world:


War has ripped apart Afghanistan for centuries. Its people are as hard and sharp as the high, cold mountains  surrounding them. America is but the latest power devastating the towns and country of Afghanistan. We claim good cause for our assault. Our “just cause” does little for the dead, the wounded, and the dispossessed of that ancient land. Another Flickr gallery:

AFGHANISTAN: Mountains of Sorrows

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