Erotic Finds of the Day

To see sexually explicit photos on Visions you must be a Flickr member with safe search off.

One of the more regrettable trends on Flickr is the refusal of more and more members to put any biographical information in their profile. So all I can tell you about Gorka Vaderetro is he’s male, taken and may be found in Bilbao, Spain. Many of his photos have a nice, witty sense of style. His set Girls, Girls, Girls boasts over fifty often kinky images of, well, …girls.

the-Fetish-Mistress is more forthcoming in her profile, she tells us: “My name is Diana, I love wearing kinky fetish-outfits in leather, latex, rubber and high boots in my daily life publicly! I enjoy all the guys looking at me. I love the dominant power this gives me over manhood! Please visit my blog fetish-mistress to see more of this! Enjoy my stylish photos!”

In case you can’t guess, she’s German. She list her occupation as “fetish lady”. I perhaps should not have included her, but I have a weakness for really good leather. I suspect her Flickr site is merely a promotion for her business.

Gakrid, like Gorka, is an enigma. He lives in Belgium, is male, has been on Flickr over three years, and shoots with a Nikon D3. What he fails to deliver in his profile he more than makes up for in his photostream. His portraits of women are stylish, well composed and lit, and sexy. These sets of his are more than worth looking at: Julie, Annelien, and a touch of concept.

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