I Had Sex with Both Sears & Roebuck!!

Before the Internet was the time of Hustler. Before Hustler was the age of Penthouse. Before Penthouse was the epoch of that Big Daddy of men’s magazines: Playboy.

But for those of us of a certain age there was a era before even Playboy. It is now a misty, dimly recalled time of suppressed teen sexuality. A dark time when the only visual feminine treat for the lustful thirteen old was found within the pages of the Sears & Roebuck catalog. If your parents got the catalog you could sneak it off  to the bathroom and then… well, you could ogle the women’s underwear and foundation wear section.

The pictures were mostly black and white, the girls weren’t particularly sexy looking, and the underwear – the bras, panties and girdles – came only in white or black and were not at all revealing. After all, this part of the catalog was aimed at your anxious mom and not at you and other horny boys (your poor dad had to content himself with the tool section).

Still, on those catalog pages were pictures of almost, well kinda, a little bit, your adolescent, fevered mind could imagine them – NAKED. They were photos of women in forbidden clothing, even the garments’ names were forbidden. Just whispering those words – bra, panties – would turn you on. The photos themselves made you dizzy with lust (of course back then the average thirteen year old boy was turned on by most fire hydrants and certain cloud formations).

Now the average thirteen year old boy can see a vast pornucopia on the Internet any time of the day or night (including images of boys humping fire hydrants). A black and white photo of a prim looking woman with her hands on her hips and wearing a huge wired white bra and full cut opaque, crotch reinforced  panties wouldn’t even make the kid blush.

And now, in memory of my days wasted in the bathroom with my purloined copy of Sear’s masterpiece clutched firmly in one hand, I give you the newest Magic of Women Flickr gallery:


All of the Magic of Women galleries are here

Here’s a set from Orjan-Oslo of photos similar to those I found in the catalog!

4 Responses to “I Had Sex with Both Sears & Roebuck!!”

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  2. […] Whatever else seems weak in retrospect in the earliest 007 films, the sexiness of the women remains a potent force. As hot as those early Bond girls remain today on film  (hard to believe those women are now likely in their sixties),  in my silver screen recollection  those curvy, bikini clad damsels  made it hard to breathe (and sent me hurrying home to find the old Sears & Roebuck catalog and a little privacy). […]

  3. OMG, I love this site! Oh good grief I sure feel naughty…

  4. Hey Cliff, speaking of sears and roebuck and privacy, you might enjoy this little ditty about an electric lady bug beauty kit. Dont’ know if it fits here or not.

    Just delete this comment or any part of it if you do not want it on your blog, or just tell me to leave you be if that is what you prefer.


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