Hole in the Ground

I imagine my first NYC subway ride was in 1954 or so,  the first time I was in the city. I was six. I have a faint memory of the subway car dancing around on the uneven track, the periodic blackouts that scared me, and the shrill, spooky  noises.

Whenever I am in the city I invariably take the subway everywhere I can (alas, my wife now insists we take a cab most of the time). I confess to a secret pride in my ability to navigate the system. I am always fascinated by my fellow riders and how the makeup of this transitory population changes so dramatically depending on which line I take, the time of day, and what part of Manhattan I am in.

All of my memories of the subway are  in stark black and white and yellow. I recollect waiting for trains, my legs aching from too much walking on the city streets above. Finally comes the first sign my train is arriving at the station: a rush of hot, dank air blasting you in the face followed quickly by the metallic hiss of the train’s brakes as it slows to a stop.  The doors  snap open as a recorded voice announce the stop in a deep male voice. Riders inside the car struggle to exit as those waiting for the train push to get inside.

When I was a child, or a teen, my favorite rides underground were those spent standing up, holding onto a pole or strap handle. Mastering aligning my balance to the uncertain, stuttering rhythm of the car’s gyrations was like riding a wild bronco. I still have a bit of that attitude; riding the subway remains a lark.

Here, in my third New York Flickr gallery are photos of the subway and the people who ride it:

New York: the Subway

One Response to “Hole in the Ground”

  1. Nice pics. thanks for sharing. -Dave Z.

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