New York, New York

Start spreadin’ the news…

When I was about four or five I took my first trip to New York. My maternal Aunt Mary had moved to the city and lived with her husband Jack, a native New Yorker. I had come to the city to see a medical specialist about a very rare eye condition I was believed to have. My memories of that trip are fragmented, but I do recall being in an Indian restaurant, and the marvelous city noise and lights.

I went back to the city once in my teens. I spent an intoxicating evening in a dark and smoky Greenwich Village coffee house. How  I wanted to belong in such a sophisticated scene (I drink cappuccino to this day). When I was in college in Philadelphia I made several trips to New York. Uncle Jack was an expert on where to eat, what to see and where to go (and how to get there) in the city and he delighted in playing tour guide. I came to see the city a little as he did. My love for Manhattan deepened.

In the past twenty-five years I’ve  journeyed back the city two dozen times or more. I adore that magical kingdom of skyscrapers, flashing lights, pungent smells and syncopated noise; of yellow cabs and blue water. I love Central Park, the Village, Times Square, Battery Park, Chinatown and Little Italy. I’m thrilled by Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Met. Just the thought of those ten thousand restaurants serving the best food in, and of, this world (including Jewish  dumplings, Russian blintzes, French eclairs, Indian nan and of course those marvelous steamed hotdogs sold on every street corner) makes my mouth water and puts on a pound or two.

So here is the first of two (or more?) Flickr galleries devoted to Woody Allen’s favorite town. Imagine a little Gershwin playing in the background as you view these photos of Gotham:

NEW YORK: Architecture

Here’s a great Flickr group: New York Landmarks & Icons

I took this shot my last time in the city (somewhere on Seventh Avenue, near the Holland Tunnel):

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