On the Beach

When I was a young boy, just past puberty, my family moved to Del Mar, a small beach town just north of San Diego. I fell in love with the beach. My teenage eyes drank in all those young, tanned women on the sand wearing what would today be considered rather modest attire but to me seemed delightfully revealing. The sight of all that smooth, wet and curvy flesh drove my hormones (and my dick) to new heights.

Sadly, just before I started high school we move back to east Tennessee. No more sand. No more sea. No more near naked girls gleaming in the summer sunlight striding along the beach…

Here’s the newest of the Magic of Women Flickr Galleries inspired by those now distant days spent at the intersection of my new found lust and the hot California sand…

On the Beach

Here, for those with safe search off are some images which were too hot to put in the gallery: sunscreen, umbrella, beach towel, flip flops, snorkel, sun glasses, sun hat, and fan.

Some Flickr groups you might enjoy: Beach Girl, Bikini Girls,  Girls in the Sea, Surf and Waves.

Links to all of the Magic of Women Flickr galleries.

And here’s as close as I can get. A pool, not a beach, but the girls are nice:

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