The Flickr Chronicle

Flickr in the news!

The Flickr Iphone app has been upgraded to allow multiplle photo and video uploading.

Following other federal government agencies, the Department of Interior has joined Flickr.

A search warrant has been served on Flickr’s parent company Yahoo for a posted video in the Erin Andrews case. FBI agents served the warrants on Wednesday at the Northern California offices of Yahoo. One of the items they want Yahoo to turn over is a video of another naked woman that was posted in June to by a user. The user is a suspect in the Andrews case.

Flickr site has deepened its relationship with photo-licensing power Getty Images so photographers can nominate their own photos for inclusion in Getty’s Flickr Collection.

Flickr is becoming a part of the news. Immediately after the Hudson River plane crash people posted photos of the plane and the rescue. Photos by Flickr user Gregory Lam show how far the plane was floating from the banks of the river as ferries began to arrive. “Natashaeng” uploaded more images of the crash, adding “it’s mayhem here.”

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