Picture Perfect

There are more and more excellent photographers on Flickr. Here are a few, each with his or her own style:

Rastaschas. He has only a handful of images on Flickr, but everyone of them is a minimalist  jewel. His set “Exploration” is a treat.

DanielKHC (Danny Cheong). A professional with an impressive list of international credits, his work is bold, with excellent color. Here’s his sixty strong set of images which have graced Flickr’s “Explore” first page. I find his cityscapes particularly impressive.

Brooke Shaden, “is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her photos explore the themes of death and surrealism in portraiture,” according to her website. Her painterly, off-center portraits have a haunting. unsettling quality. This is a set of her work inspired, she says, by particular paintings.

Miles Morgan. An United Airlines pilot based in Portland, Oregon, Morgan has a keen eye for landscape photography. It’s clear he knows how to bring that something extra that makes a landscape more than just a collection of trees, rocks, or mountains. Here’s a set of some of his landscape work.

This link will take you to a Flickr gallery featuring four  photos by each of the four above artists:


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