All the Pretty Horses

My history with horses has been – well,  mixed. One of my earlier memories is having a very large horse with a very large rider step on my foot. Then there was that delightful time in Gatlinburg when a horse I was astride stopped in the middle of the road and took a very large, and very long, dump. And the time a stallion my first wife was training came within inches of galloping right over me. And the time a seemingly docile horse I was riding, when turned back toward the barn (and food), took off like the wind as I held on for dear life.

But I delight in photographing horses. Few other animals seem as well formed. A horse on the move is a delight.

Here is a Flickr gallery of photos of horses on the go:

All the Pretty Horses

Some Flickr hoses groups: Horses in Action, Horse Play, and Horses in Motion

Here’s my favorite horse photo from my own collection:

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