Cades Cove

I get really jealous when I see photos of towering, snow capped mountains, glorious gold and pink sunsets over a wine colored sea, or majestic, roaring jungle waterfalls. “It isn’t fair,” I think, “we don’t have any stunning landscape material like that here in boring old east Tennessee.”

But we do. We have the Smokies. And the Smokies embrace Cades Cove, a mountain plateau settled in the early part of the nineteenth century. The Cove is addictive for landscape photographers. I love it. I’ve been there almost a dozen times in the past three years. Here’s my collection of eleven Cove sets; and here’s my favorite set from that collection.

I’m not alone, of course, in my love for Cades Cove. This gallery of photos taken in Cades Cove is a good sampling of differing perspectives on this Appalachian treasure. Enjoy!

Cades Cove

Here are three of my favorite photos taken in the Cove…

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