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Just One Last Time…

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I couldn’t stop… I felt like, was compelled to do one last Visions post before the clock struck midnight.  At least I have a worthy subject to blog about this final time: S_Tales, a female photographer and Flickr member for not quite a year.

Her photostream is crammed with  lush, wickedly bizarre erotic photos, well composed in a sardonic yet girlish sort of way. If I told you her photos were elegant works of modern photographic art you wouldn’t hear me – you’d be utterly lost in their crackling sensuality.

S_Tales has no sets, so here are half a score  of her photos I find particularly both naughty and nice:

fishnet up close, bare stones, in my car, unzipped,

ragtime, dreaming of summer, chinese shadows,

ready, blue rose, and undressing.

And here’s a female photographer S_Tales likes!

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Flickrotica IV: Happy Days

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Here’s a Flickr testimonial for this week’s featured  erotic photographer Zaxpic:

“With care he offers an inspiring and warm treatment to the women that he loves and enjoys so dearly. That warmth and inspiration is reflected in his pictures, which are gemstones of eroticism, sensuality and nudity. I see him as an artist of life, celebrating the joy of life in the bodies that breath life heavily when touched by his hands, his attention, and … his camera! Thanks for sharing these celebrations with us, my friend.”

View a bit of his photostream and you will see why he deserves the praise. To tell the truth, his photos are not necessarily artistic or polished, but they have a nice freshness and zest. Everyone in his shots looks happy and like they’re having a grand time.

What’s better than one sexy woman? Why, two (or more) of course. This set, the More the Merrier,  offers photos of two, or three, or four ladies happily together. Each of  the photos in this small set has been hit at least 20,000 times.

And here’s a photographer Zaxpix likes…

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Butt Seriously, Ass I was saying…

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Were are on December 31, at the very end of a very shitty year. The back end of the year. The backside of the year. In celebration of at last reaching  the ass end of this wretched asshole year 2009, here are a few photos of the derrieres of much, much better, and better looking,  subjects:

Ass, Butt, Derriere, Buns, Backside,

Rear, CabooseBottomBum, Buttocks,

Cheeks, Patoot, Posterior, Arse,

BackendBout, Tonne, Connard and Duff.

Flickr group: Big Asses Big Butts

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My Flickr Pet Peeves Rant of the Day

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Hiding EXIF data

More and more, it seems, Flickr photographers are not allowing EXIF data to accompany their photos. Why? In some cases, I know, if the photo is extensively modified in Photoshop or, presumably, in other editors, EXIF data may be stripped out. But it seems most of the missing data is the result of the photographer’s desire to delete it. With other photos, taken with dSLR’s, there are odd omissions from the EXIF file. Some, for example, will not have the focal length (or it is listed as “0.0mm”).

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot fathom why someone would not want EXIF shown. If you do, let me know…

Over Tagging

I rarely put more than a dozen different tags, and usually only four or five, on a photo I post to Flickr. Others, I’ve noticed, will put way more tags. This image, by way of example, carries twenty-two tags. I’ve seen others with twice that number or more.

Recently I was trolling for sexy photos of women from San Francisco. I searched, primarily, for images tagged “sexy girl” and “San Francisco”. When I would check an image’s tags to be sure it was, in fact, taken in San Francisco, I would, in some cases, discover the image was tagged with two or more different geographic tags. Lacking any information in the comment to the photo it was impossible to tell where the photo was actually taken.

I suspect the main reason for over tagging is to lure more hits. The most outrageous example of this are sexual tags on “innocent” photos. Of course, there are also sexually explicit photos with dozens and dozens of sex act tags including many that in no way relate to the action depicted.

The trouble with all this over tagging is, of course, it seriously weakens the utility of the Flickr search function. When I run a tag search for something I get annoyed when half  the photos displayed have nothing to do with the tag. Search (tag only) “car” and this photo shows up. The nice shot of an interior has forty-eight tags. “Car” is evidently listed because there is a car barely visible through one of the windows of the building: a tiny, little car probably about a hundred yards or more distant. Tags for the photo also include all the visible colors. I’m surprised the photographer didn’t add “air”, or “atoms” as a tag.

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Up Close and Personal

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Get closer to your subject,” is usually a good idea in photography. Normally that’s done by the photographer physically moving himself.

But what if you can’t get your ass close enough? You use a telephoto lens, of course. Don’t feel like getting to within ten feet of that hungry lion in the bush? Don’t think you can manage climbing that snow covered mountain? Why, then just stick that ten thousand dollar 500mm lens on your dSLR and snap away. Capture pimples of flies, pebbles on the moon, that sexy girl in her apartment two miles away…

A wide angle lens stretches out the apparent depth of an image; a telephoto does just the opposite, compressing the elements. A common shot with a telephoto is of the sun over the sea, mountains, forest, etc. The effect, greater  the longer the lens, makes the sun seem huge, as ifs its about half a mile behind the foreground.

A wide angle lens has a wide depth of field. I never have to worry much about focus with my 11-18mm lens, the depth of field is virtually the entire photo. A telephoto lens has the opposite “problem”: very narrow depth of field. Focus is critical. Thosee magnificent bird shots so beloved by some photographers must be very carefully focused. Thank God for a precise auto-focusing lens and camera!

500mm lenses are not cheap.  A quality 500mm prime runs from $4,500 up. The NikonNikon AFS Nikkor 500MM F/4G ED VR Autofocus is $8,500. Even an off-brand variable zoom lens with a long end of 500mm will costs at least about $1,000. The drawback of the zoom lens is its very slow (f/6.3 or higher) at the long end. An alternative to a standard 500mm lens is a mirror telephoto. These lenses a very slow (f/8) and have contrast and focus limitations. They are, however, quite inexpensive.

Each Flickr photo in the following gallery was taken at 500mm. Some subjects of  these shots are what you might  expect: animal close ups, for example. Others you find surprising (portraiture).  As always, I have strived to include images with originality and superior composition.


Four of Kind

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ABS Photography’s set of the Tatum

Alan Smithee’s set of Sarah

JLK1979’s set of Danielle Trixie

R6 Imagery’s set of Jessica

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Halfway to the Stars!

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I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me.
To be where little cable cars
Climb halfway to the stars!
The morning fog may chill the air
I don’t care!

My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come home to you, San Francisco,
Your golden sun will shine for me!

As I wrote in a recent post, I  visited San Francisco in the mid nineties. The city is unique. The bay. The Golden Gate Bridge (and the Bay Bridge). The TransAmerica building. Cable cars: those ultimate icons of the city. I fell in love.

And the ladies are quite presentable as well. VISIONS proudly offers you now the thirty-sixth Magic of Women gallery, the women of:


Links to all of the Magic of Women galleries are HERE
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Shots too hip for the gallery: Alamo Square, Anza Vista, Castro, Chinatown, Cow Hollow, Dogpatch, Eureka Valley, and Haight Ashbury

Flickr Group: San Francisco Lovefest

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