Not Your Grandfather’s Flickr

I admit it, I’m old fashioned. I joined Flickr in July of 2005 (pre Yahoo). I don’t really notice the changes the company has made since those early days. Now and again I’ll think: there’s something new on the screen. I did geotag for a while but it came to seem pointless. Why does anyone really care where in east Tennessee my photos were taken (and besides, a lot of the time I don’t even know…). What I would want is a way to customize my home page and photo pages. Why not an option to change colors and fonts? Different sizes for photos on their pages would be nice, too.Anyway, here are a couple of Flickr apps you might want to try:

Photophlow. If I understand it correctly, Photophlow combines Flickr and chat rooms. Stephen Shankland, of CNET News, described using the software this way:

“For me, the site felt like wandering through a museum with a group of new acquaintances, commenting on pictures as we went from room to room. And some of the rooms featured our own pictures.”

A check of Flickr shows over three hundred fifty photophlow groups.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t care. I’m just not all that “social” on Flickr. I read, and sometimes comment on, a few groups, answer or write a few emails and that’s about it (except, of course, for commenting on a lot of photos).

DestroyFlickr. I’m probably one of the last people to hear about this app. It replaces the Flickr interface with a much more flexible space. Hmm. Sounds a bit like what was wanting. Except, the new look is only on my computer and not anyone else’s. Here’s how Josh Lowwnsohn of CNET described it:

“The small downloadable AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) application, which is a semifinalist in this year’s Adobe Design Achievement Awards, lets you plug into your Flickr account and view photos on a virtual canvas. Once it’s pulled in thumbnails, it doesn’t need to do it again (unlike Flickr’s own site). This means if you’re going through a bevy of photos (like in a contact’s photo stream) you’ll only have to grab that data once. Also, each task offered by the app is kept in a separate compartment, called a “workspace.” Once that’s been loaded it exists like an open browser tab, letting you zip back and forth between various tasks or albums”.

If I work up the energy to install DestroyFlickr I’ll think about telling you what I think about  (if I think anything).

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