Artists of the Week

Here are a few photographers I’ve run across on Flickr whose work I admire:

PINO BEATO. As you might guess, he’s Italian (from Naples). He has an adoring eye for women. His skill turns virtually every shot into a compelling photograph. Here’s a great set, and another.

EDWINDEJONGH. This marvelous site presents some of his excellent work. His images are razor sharp, well composed and his skill with color is superb. Oh, if you like kittens you’ll love his cat photos.

PHLIPP D. His profile provides no information (except he joined Flickr in February) His photos are well composed, particularly his nature and landscape photographs.

PUBLIK_OBERBERG.  Here’s his website (in German). His work is seriously good. What he does with an ordinary stand of trees is remarkable. His haunting, austere photos taken in fog are a joy to view.

PETER BOWERS. I’ve written about his incredible work at least once before. In my opinion he is one of the very best photographers on Flickr. He’s Canadian (Toronto), and specializes in nature and landscape photography. In his hands a wide angle lens becomes a thing of magic. His set “the canoe” will take your breath away. He weaves minimalist magic with reeds and still water. The landscapes in his set  “snow and ice” are original, starkly beautiful and so well composed they seem artless.

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