Water, Water Everywhere…

Water, we take it for granted. Its just something we drink, shower in, cry, wash our dirty socks with, float aircraft carriers on, fish in, boil potatoes with, sweat, flush, and pour into a tumbler of mediocre scotch.

But we also photograph it. Water provides great textures, whether its the deep blue surface of the ocean on a blustery day or gentle green ripples on a country pond. Water gives (reflected) color: blues and greens, red or gold. Water gives motion: surf pounding the shore, drops of spray flying from a thundering waterfall.

Here, in yet another shameless effort to goose my hit count, is a Flickr Gallery: Magic of Women: Wet and Sexy. Women and water, both givers of life, are a natural combination. A sexy woman in a bathing suit at the seashore is a pinup cliche almost as old as photography itself. I’ve tried to select photos in which water is essential to the composition and, at least in most of the photos, adds to the image’s sexiness.

Here are some hot images Flickr wouldn’t let me add to the gallery: simmering, steaming, roiling, boiling, and scalding.

And if wet, shiny  women are your thing, check out the Flickr group Oiled, Wet, Shiny Women.


Note:All the Magic of Women galleries are linked to in this post.

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