Toyota Hits Flickr Head On

Inexplicably, Toyota recently used five images on Flickr without permission on one of its websites. What makes this remarkable is that most large companies are pretty scrupulous about copyright infringement. I can understand individuals thinking, incorrectly of course, that they can use Flickr images without consent (“I’m not making money so its OK…”). Most folks don’t have several huge buildings stuffed full with ravenous lawyers.

This has happened before. Virgin Airlines ripped off a Flickr member. The resulting lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality.

I’m sure its not the only resource for finding your photos online, but TinEye uses your photo’s URL and then compares your photo to the TinEye database. I used it today and it found one of my photos on a commercial site. There are drawbacks, of course, as PCWorld noted:

TinEye is far from perfect. It often identifies photos that are similar to–but not exactly the same as–the source image. Worse, TinEye’s database of photos represents only a fraction of what’s available on the entire Internet–so if you get zero results, that doesn’t mean your photo isn’t being repurposed out there somewhere.

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