Horny Hat Hotties Haunt Flickr

Why are hats sooo sexy on women? In classic pinup art, hats, of all shapes, colors and sizes, have been a frequent addition to the model’s attire. How odd that a bit (or a lot) of cute, colored cloth clinging precariously on the cranium of an otherwise scantily clad cutie can heighten our carnal interest in the curvaceous young lady. Did our earliest ancestors wear hats? Were there really prehistoric hat boutiques? Or is the attraction of more recent origin?

Well, OK, I don’t really know or care; but I know first rate hat hotties when I see them….  And, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a Flicker gallery of sexy women in sexy hats.

Sadly, Flickr’s disapproval of explicit photos in galleries prevents me from including some of my very favorite shots.  So here’s the good stuff, and here, and here, and here. You want more? OK, try this, and that, and this other one

Want more? Try the group LADIES IN HATS!! This one looks good, too: GIRLS IN BALL CAPS!

Note:All the Magic of Women galleries are linked to in this post.

Did you doubt?

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