Flickr Geography

Flickr spans the globe. From Kansas to Kazakhstan, from Nigeria to Nicaragua, Flickrites capture and post scenes from their countries to the Internet.

Which country enjoys the most Flickr love? Here is a partial listing of nations with the number of photos tagged with its name:

Australia (4,639,410),  Bhutan (89,448),  Canada (5,253,132), Denmark (723,158),  Egypt (1,266,635), France (6,599,748), Haiti (124,655), Iceland (925,292), Jamaica (468,336), Liechtenstein (16,804), Nigeria (81,675), Portugal (1,732,896), Rwanda (79,265), Thailand (3,099,618),  Uruguay (215,312), Western Sahara (2,463), Yemen (53,410), Zambia (110,179).

Which country has the highest score? Here are some of the heavy hitters: India (3,840,317),  Japan (8,699,349),  China (5,669,430), England (4,487,961), Germany (4,459,312), and the good old USA (7,138,872).

And the least? North Korea has a mere 38,088.  But, as best I can tell, the honor goes to Tokelau (319).

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