Gotta Dance! Gotta Dance!

It’s ironic that the still image of photography conveys a sense of movement so well. The perceived motion in an image, running, jumping, dancing, etc., makes a photograph strong (strength of an image refers to how well it grabs the viewers attention). Of course, the movement must be pleasing to the eye.

Photographs of a person at rest (a formal portrait, for example) can be beautiful. Adding movement to a portrait, however, adds another dimension. A still portrait captures only one instant in time. A figure in motion suggests the passage of time (the use of a slower shutter speed producing a blurring of the moving subject against a sharply focused backdrop  further suggests the passage of time).

Since the invention of photography women have been one of the most popular of subjects. Flickr photographers have carried on this time honored tradition. Just under four million photos on Flickr are tagged “woman”.  Almost eight million are tagged “girl”.

Wait! I’ve got a great idea! What if I combine sexy women and movement. What an excuse to pick more Flickr photos of good looking gals….

This gallery of gorgeous women dancing is a seductive collection of women in motion. It is the perceived motion in each of these photographs which fascinates us, drawing us in. Notice, too, how each photographer uses the position of the subject’s body to create a well composed image.

Note:All the Magic of Women galleries are linked to in this post.

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