Wide Angle Photography

Among my lenses, after the standard 18-55mm, the one I use the most is my 11-18mm wide angle. For landscapes and interiors,  it shines where a regular lens would fail.

Wide angles have  the advantage of allowing the photographer to include much more of a scene. The lens also extends the depth of the image, in some cases in an exaggerated fashion. Wide angle lenses also have a much larger depth of field. A telephoto view of the same scene (taken from much father away, of course) would compress the elements and, at normal apertures, have a much narrower depth of field.

A portrait taken with a wide angle will leave the background in sharp focus. The closer the subject is to the camera the more distortion there will be in the image.  These features are not necessarily drawbacks. The creative photographer will use them to enhance her work.

I’ve created a Flickr gallery illustrating the uses of wide angle photography.

And here are three of my own:

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