Cue music: “We’ve got trouble right here in Flickr city, with a capital T which rhymes with P which stands for porn…” I know that disturbs you, makes you nervous, just knowing that the space on one of the million Flickr hard drives right next to that photo of your cute, cuddly puppy is some vile shot of man-on-dog love.  It’s awful! Thank God I’m here to help you!

Let me guide you through the shoals of filth and degradation on Flickr. Yes, its time for EROTIC ARTIST OF THE WEEK! Today’s honoree is OFFF THE PAGE.  Offf  (Mr. DePage to you) is a professional photographer in Los Angeles. His web site has wonderful pinup shots (among landscape and wildlife shots). Here’s a set of his you might like. And another. And another. And one more. Take a close look at this remarkable image.

This week’s honorable mention: Urbanphotographer2009.

Today’s Erotic Group: Excellence in Erotica.

Are you still with me on our journey through Flickr’s dark side? Stay close and hold my hand. Our last stop before we can return to the light is a gallery I’ve put together for you: Twisted, a glimpse into the horrifying world of bondage and fetish wear. Stay on the path, my dear, or you may up as someone’s latex bondage doll…

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  1. […] A month ago in a post entitled Erotica 2, I included a Flickr gallery called Twisted. Here for the perverted among you is another […]

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