The are over six and a half million photos on Flickr tagged “dog”. “Cat” is a tag on just short of six million. Everybody loves dogs; almost everybody loves cats.

Both dogs and cats make easy subjects for photography. The don’t refuse you because they’re having a bad hair day. Your dog or cat is within easy reach. And you don’t generally need a model release. Your dog will never tell your photo makes her look fat. While your cat won’t pose for you, she will give you a marvelous look of disdain that photographs well.

I was going to do two galleries for this post, one for dogs and one for cats. Alas, an unforeseen budget crisis at Visions made that impossible.  One gallery will have to suffice.

There are, as you can imagine, hundreds and hundreds of groups about dogs or cats. But I found one group of photos of cats and dogs together. And here are two of my own…

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