My Favorite Places: Tremont

I’ve spent the past four years photographing much of middle east Tennessee. I’ve wandered with my camera from Chattanooga to Morristown, and through much of what’s in between. I’ve captured mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, towns and  cities.

As much as I like to roam through new territory; I have my favorites places, too. Locations I visit over and over. One of those places is Tremont, a part of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Tremont is situated along the Middle Prong of Little River a few miles south of Townsend in Blount County, Tennessee. “Tremont” can refer to the former logging town of Tremont or the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, but it generally applies to Middle Prong’s entire watershed between Miry Ridge to the east and Defeat Ridge to the west. Both of these ridges run perpendicular to the main crest of the Great Smokies, which rises several thousand feet above Tremont to the south. (Wikipedia)

I’ve posted a mere 278 photos taken in Tremont on Flickr. There would have been more but this fall’s rains kept me away (it has rained virtually every weekend for what seems like a dozen weeks).

I’ve put together a gallery of other folk’s photos taken in Tremont. Most of them, like most of mine, are of the numerous waterfalls along the Little River.

Two photographers have done great work in Tremont:  dsphoto- and duftek. The rest of their ‘streams are good, too.

I have eight sets of Tremont images on Flickr; here’s my favorite.  I also administer a pool of Tremont images on Flickr, and, you knew it was coming, here are a couple of my favorite shots taken there:

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