Seeing Red

My very first girlfriend was a redhead. Maybe girlfriend is too strong a word. We were both about eight or nine. I think I liked her a lot more than she liked me.  I can still remember the afternoon, while we were playing in her suburban front yard, that she  changed right before my eyes from a little redheaded playmate into a …..gasp… Girl! Suddenly I could only stare at her and stutter. Sadly, fifty plus years later, I still act about the same around good looking women.

Both my wives have been redheads. My college sweetheart was one, too. The first girl that let me play serious baseball with her (made it to third but could never get home) had auburn tresses. The saintly schoolteacher who turned my life around when I was in third grade was… Are you catching the theme here?

Anyway, a good looking redheaded woman just lights me up.

Here’s a the Magic of Women gallery of eighteen redheaded beauties: REDHEADS!

A few shots too fiery for the gallery: auburn, crimson, burgundy, coral, fire engine, and carmine

Note: All the Magic of Women galleries are linked to in this post.

And, naturally, here’s one of my own..

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