Alright, here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for: Erotic Artist of the Week!

To give you some idea of the vast cornucopia of “adult” images on Flickr, there are 400,090 photos tagged “sexy woman”. Most of those photos have “no redeeming social value”; but plenty combine sexy and arty.

Today’s Erotic Artist of the Week is Phillip Marco Vallentin. Here’s how he describes himself:

I am a professional photographer from Copenhagen (Denmark). I have been selling my work to various magazines and clients since 1985.During the past couple of years, my prime genre has been “fetish fashion”. I have worked for among others House of Bias, Pressure Corsetand the worlds biggest fetish-label: DeMask.

His images are a wickedly seductive blend of classic pinup and fetish porn. Here’s an example of his work, and another and another and another

This week’s runner ups: Graham/Photo and Scottish Clickr.

And this week’s erotic group: Lingerie Goddess.

One Response to “FLICKROTICA”

  1. Thank you SO much !

    I am honored to be this weeks Erotic Artist 😉

    my BEST regards,

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