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Time to try to jack up the old hit count again…

Today we add a new Flickr feature to Visions: Erotic Artist of the Week.  Mind you, I’m not talking tawdry, grainy flash shots of middle-aged beavers. No. I’m talking well done, tasteful photos of comely young ladies. Yes! Pure elegant eroticism. You deserve nothing less.

The inaugural artist is Larry, aka Lorance Photography, a California photographer with a marvelous eye for the ladies.

Here’s an example of his work, and another and another and another and another. Enjoy!

Repetition Repetition Repetition

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I like to repeat myself. I’ve done this gallery thing three times before. This time, however, I’ve put most of what I want to say in the gallery itself. So click away and see my selected images and read all about the use of repetition of elements in composition!

As always, my judgment is subjective. As Dennis Miller would say, “that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.”

All the images in my gallery were chosen from the Eclectic Gallery Group on Flickr.

“Oh No – It’s Gracie”

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An October 23rd story in the New York Times (by DOUGLAS QUENQUA) tells the story of Jessica Gwozdz, a professional photographer, and her little girl Gracie. A proud mother, Ms. Gwozdz posted photos of Gracie on Flickr. Sometime later she was tipped off by a friend that Gracie’s photo was on Orkut,  a website popular in Brazil, with a  Fictional identity.

“ ‘They gave her a fake name, Melodie Cuthbert, and a relationship status that said she was interested in making friends and dating men,’ Mrs. Gwozdz recalled in a recent telephone interview. Other Orkut members had given the profile a “sexy” rating of two and a half hearts.” According to a Flickr spokeswoman, young teenage girls in Brazil were copying children’s pictures from the photo-sharing site to create “paper doll” profiles, then giving each other “sexy” ratings depending on the quality of their work.”

The Times’ piece goes on to relate the “horrors” that may result from posting photos of children on the Internet. We are told some parents refuse to post any images of their children on the ‘Net and regard it as close to child abuse to do so.

“Like other parental debates — whether to spank or when to let children travel alone — the issue tends to divide parents into two familiar camps: the vigilant and the laissez-faire. Some parents want to protect their children from what is unlikely but still tragically possible. Others say children will do best when learning to live with the realities of the Web.”

And, of course, the article brings up the nightmare of a pedophile tracking down a child from his or her Flickr photo (only to have several experts debunk that risk). The bottom line of the story seems to be “be careful”.

A few weeks ago I got an invitation to add this photo to a Flickr group. As you can see, my photo is of two young adult women in bikinis lounging around a pool (at the University of Tennessee Aquatic Center in Knoxville). When I checked out the group I discovered it was filled solely with images of little girls in bathing suits. Creepy. I would imagine the parents of those little girls would be unhappy to discover their children’s photos in what was most likely a group for possible pedophiles.

But such appropriation is nearly unavoidable on Flickr and the Internet. Anything you post may end up in Brazil. What surprised me about the Times’ article was the Times thinking somehow it was news that photos on Flickr, Facebook, and other sites can be, and are, “stolen” and used for all kinds of unintended purposes. I felt as if I was reading an article  that told us all how having an automobile might result in being in a car wreck (“I never knew someone could actually run into my car and I could be hurt or killed! I’ll never drive again!”)

Its 2009 and anyone, and particularly any parent, who doesn’t realize the risks of the Web must be living in an analog fog.

Come and Get It!

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Groups of the week:

Burgers and Fries

Hotdogs and Beer

Steak and Eggs

Beans and Rice

Cheese on a Ritz

Tea and Crumpets

Soup and Salad

Goin’ to the Chapel…

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Don’t ask me to photograph your wedding.

I did a wedding once.

Never again. No way.  I won’t. I won’t and you can’t make me. Not ever…

Wedding photography is just plain too hard: bad light, weird churches, relentless schedules, disapproving ministers, drunken guests, misshapen bridesmaids, and rude “uncle bobs” everywhere. If you screw up you have to live with the fact you ruined the bridal couple’s Big Day. And never ever enough money.

So I don’t shoot weddings.

But lots and lots of brave, skillful photographers do. Here’s a gallery of magnificent photos of brides found on Flickr.

I’ve found the wedding photography group to be a unique resource for general photography information. Even if you don’t do weddings, and never will, you will learn about exposure control, equipment, lighting, lenses, cameras, and much, more more.

Here’s my one and only photograph of a bride:

Bride From My Only Wedding Shoot

Tag, You’re It!

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Ear                          481,321

Eye                       4,799,820

Nose                        558,860

Throat                      56,294

Hit Me, Baby!

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OK, I admit it. This is a utterly shameless attempt to up my hit count. And what could be better at garnering hits than sex. Sexy sex. Sexy girls. With breasts. With nude breasts.  What could be more erotic!

Pardon me while I catch my breath…

I’ve written before about sex on Flicker. I predicted almost a year ago a huge scandal would erupt over all the smut on the site. I’m proud to say I was actually…. wrong. At least so far. Oh well.

I often peruse well done photographs of, ahem, sexy women. Of course I assure you I look at these images merely to study their compositional arrangements, use of color and lighting.

Anyway, since you can’t add an “unsafe” photo to a gallery, Here are some photographers who do artistic photos with strong sexual content. Of course, you might not be able to see many of the images if you have the Flickr “safety” on.

Inspirer Muse, Ktk 2008, Rusty’s Photography, Andi Todea, Sherlock99, Cherry Chapman, Tarmoo, Redhead66, and Coop666.

Like your girls with a bit of kink? One of these photographers might light you up: misterajc (set), Chris AKA Baggaratzi (set); for NRA members only, TheNakedPhotographer (set), Herdir;  asan.hercol, Stefgaulesise,  and Oze Corset Fan.

For those who like their girls with “something extra”: Angelica Crystal, and m keatly.

Prefer 1950′ style pinups? You’ll love these: Pussycat Pinups, les07 (set), and pinupgirlclothing. Like seamed stockings? Check out stockinglover and petitny&goga (set).

And, finally, for you foot fetishists out there: Princess Cy (set), Vania Costha (set), and Cibele Oh.

And here’s the best  I’ve been able to do:

Laid Back Lady

Laid Back Lady

Update: My strategy seems to have worked. Today’s count is now more than fifty percent higher than my previous one day record.