Let Me Put it in Black & White…

Black and white images aren’t defined just by the lack of color. Freed from the tyranny of color, black and white photography is free to exalt form, line, shadow and light;  the lack of color is a plus.  Even more than in color photography, bold, uncluttered composition is crucial. The eye sees shapes and lines more clearly when color is removed.

A black and white photograph may have stark contrast, with only pure black and white tones being present. It may have next to no contrast, with only very close shades of gray.  Both strong and weak contrast, if matched with the right subject and artistic intent, will produce excellent images. The same is true for focus: sharp or blurred may both produce wonderful images.

This Flickr gallery of women in black and white illustrates the above. While it is possible to imagine each photograph in color, it is clear the addition of color would only weaken the the composition.

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