Been There, Done That

I live in Blount county, Tennessee. For more than three years I’ve been traveling the county with my camera and have documented the landscapes, buildings, barns, sheds, outhouses, streams, rivers, lakes, trees, dogs, cats, bushes, hills, dales, mountains and valleys of the place. I’m not going to count, but my guess would be I’ve posted more than three thousand images on Flickr taken in the county.

I’ve just about run out of new places to shoot! Almost every time I think I’ve got a promising venue I discover I’ve been there. Been there, done that. Sigh.

Sure, I know no spot is ever really the same: different time of day with different light, different sky, different season, different perspective, etc., etc.

But I like new places (and I like them not too far away)!

So I’ve decided to move to refresh the photo opportunities. I’m thinking of Argentina. I hear there are som really passionate women down there (not to mention all that fine scenery).

A Blount county view:

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