Flickr Guilt

I’m a bad person. A very bad person.

I did not  get up this morning until 9:30. Nine thirty!! I did not get up at 5:30 as I had planned.  As I should have. I confess I did not take my camera bag and travel around and fulfill my duty to photograph the glorious wonders of east Tennessee. Nor did I get up that early yesterday. I lollygagged in the sweet comfort of my sinful bed until 8:30. Eight thirty!!

A very, very bad person. I wear my shame like a penitential pilgrim’s coat of nettles.

All those photos I did not take. All those waiting landscapes left unrecorded,  like abandoned, darling children.  Will those patient flowers I missed now wilt and die? Will those proud hilltop, solitary trees now turn brown and wither? Oh God! Will those  little children whose cheerful faces I failed to photograph now grow up bitter and alone?

I am sorry. So very sorry… I am unworthy.  I am a bad, bad, BAD person. I shall perpetually burn in Hell, tormented endlessly by the shades of Daguerre and Adams as I  writhe slowly in those righteous flames. May the great God Flickr have mercy on my soul…

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