Flickr Games

Here’s a new Flickr game. Let’s call it “Tag Chain!” Here’s how it works: pick a word and search the number of photos in Flickr with that word as a tag. Then add another word, and another. Keep going until you run out of photos. Your score is the number of tags you string together before adding the one that returns zero photos. Let’s try it!

I said in the post below I like girls, so I’ll take that as my first tag —

7,770,229 hits.

OK, now I add the word “pretty” to “girl” as tags and…..

347,766 hits. Hmm, must be a lot of photos of ugly girls on Flickr. Now we add “blonde”

14,799 hits. Starting to get a little thin. How about….  naked?

577 hits.

Damn! Thought sure that tag would do better. Shoes???

6 hits. Mouth?

3 hits. Still (barely) in the game.  Hair?

1 hit!!! Eyes???


Final Score:   7 (girl pretty blonde naked shoes mouth hair)

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