Playing Favorites

I don’t favorite that many photographs on Flickr. I fave only about one in a hundred images I click on. I’m rather promiscuous when it comes to giving out stars, strawberries, gramaphones, poker chips and smiley faces, but I’m a tight fisted miser with favorites.

Here’s the first photo I faved on Flickr. Coyote, who took that historic image, is still on Flickr. I admit I’m a true cat lover. Here’s another cat favorite, and another. and another,  and one more… For the rest of you, here’s a dog, and a horse, and a gorilla. Oh, a bird.. Turtle

I also like girls. A self-portrait by Romanlily was my first girl fave. Brian Weed served up this sizzling image disproving the old adage about girls who wear glasses. This image by Agnieszka still haunts me. For those of you who happen to like girls, check this, and this, and this, and, finally, (R rated) this. Heck, one more.

Some favorites are more dear than others. For shear mind blowing bravura, its hard to beat one little girl, this magnificent landscape, shot of snow in Iran by Ali Shokri (stay safe my friend),  glorious seascape, vivid blue floral image,  bug eye shot,  forest of cranes, and, finally, these marvelous boats. Oh, and here’s a true masterpiece

Here’s the most recent image I’ve favorited. Below is my image favorited the most by others.

Read all of VISIONS

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