Easy Pickings

Some things are hard to photograph. Anything that moves is hard to photograph. Especially anything that moves really fast. Especially anything that moves really fast, is alive and is big enough to hurt you (which is the reason Jaime Telephot invented the telephoto lens in 1917 – two many photographers were getting devoured in darkest Africa while trying to get a close up of a lion with a 20mm lens.)  Other hard things to capture are really, really small things and really, really big things. Oh, and really, really ugly things, too.

There are some things so ridiculously easy to photograph almost anyone can manage it. Like a flower. There are over ten million Flickr photos tagged “flower”. There are probably millions more posted by people who think you spell flower “flurer”. “flour”, or “fleer”. And of course all those photos tagged flower in Chinese, Italian or Esperanto.

If you can focus your camera and keep it from shaking, you will end up with a decent photo of almost any flower you put in front of your lens. When I first got my Nikon I went out to a local greenhouse and photographed dozens and dozens of flowers. I posted the best of the lot to Flickr, sure I’d get tons of comments. No. Didn’t happen. Everybody else on Flickr had been there, done that. I imagine taking close, or macro, shots of roses, lilies, tulips, etc. is one of the first things any newbie serious photographer does.

Another easy thing to photograph is a six your old. OK, right – you have to get them with a clean face, have them sit still and not make faces at you. Generally speaking, little girls are better subjects than little boys if only because it is easier to get them motionless and smiling. Kids may be a little tougher than flowers, but the results are better, particularly if its your kid…

Krystal (below) is not my daughter or granddaughter. She belongs to a client of mine. When I asked her if she’d let me photograph her she lit up and beamed. She had a clean face, she stayed still, and the results proved pretty nice.zzzface07

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