Happy Discovery

So I’m checking my photostream, looking to see how many comments the new shots I posted late yesterday and this morning have received.  I notice the latest addition to my stream, a shot of a red barn, ramshackle white shed and twin silos on a farm somewhere near Sevier county, Tennessee, has a couple of comments. Here’s my photograph:

The second comment is from a Raymond Larose. He opines my shot is an “excellent scene”. I click on his icon, hoping his work is good (makes me nervous when someone likes me photos but theirs are crap). Wow! What a fantastic shot! A quick review of his recent photostream confirms he knows what he’s doing.

So I check out Larose’s profile. Hmmm. Nice equipment (especially that Nikon D80). Obviously a serious guy. He links to three of his favorite photographers on Flickr. Think I’ll check out this Alonso Diaz guy…

The image at the top of Diaz’ photostream blows me away. Big. Bold. Ultrawide with electric color. Visit his own web gallery to see his best images, a marvelous bouquet of vibrant masterpieces.

Impressed with Diaz, I check out Larose’s second favorite, Matilde B. A Portuguese professional, her work is simply divine. Here’s a flash gallery with several slideshows of her work.

I click on Larose’s third favorite, Philippe Sainte-Laudy, with eager anticipation. I am not disappointed. His landscapes are lush and otherworldly.

Yeah, that Larose guy really knows his stuff….

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