No Country for Old Men

There are lots and lots and lots of photos of people on Flickr. Explore “portrait” and a mere 6,385,438 photos pop up for your viewing pleasure. If I had to guess the average age of a portrait subject on Flickr I’d say…. twenty-two. Lots and lots of kids. And tons and tons and tons of young women (dressed and undressed). The higher the subject’s age the lower the number of Flickr photos.

I do what I can to buck the trend by administering a group called Faces of Maturity.  While FOM is not huge (519 members and 3,681 photos) it has attracted many fine photographers from around the world. Perhaps the finest is Itzick. He’s posted 201 portraits to my group and everyone of them is a gem. Here’s one of my favorites. And another… and another. And one more… Finally, here’s proof Itzick can handle the younger crowd, too.

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