Let Me Entertain You

For the past three plus years I’ve worked three hours a day to entertain you. For free. At my own expense I have created six thousand or so photographs ahd posted them to Flickr for your viewing pleasure. My pictures have been viewed nearly 700,000 times. And I haven’t made the first penny (if I’d gotten a cent for every hit I’d have made seven grand).

And maybe you’ve done something about the same. In the past week I’ve seen three amazing amateur videos. Fantastic stuff. Made me clap my hands and laugh out loud. And I didn’t have to pay a dime. Each of those videos represented hours and hours of work. All done gratis by the makers and performers. Thanks. I regularly read a dozen blogs. The authors of the majority of them are unpaid.

Thanks to the Internet we can now all spend our time making free entertainment for everyone else – why they do the same for us. Videos, artwork, songs, stories, animations, poetry, punditry, photography, whatever; the Internet runneth over with it. And all of it is free.

No wonder newspapers are dying. There’re more blogs on the Internet than you could read in half a dozen lifetimes. No wonder TV ratings are dropping. While 95% of what’s on Youtube is dreck, the other five percent is wonderful and huge. There is enough poetry, old and new, on the ‘Net to fill ten thousand volumes and enough “fan fiction” and other prose to stack to the sky.

And its all free. Free. And the overwhelming majority of Internet creators are fine with that. They don’t do it for money. They don’t even do it in the hope they will make money in the future. They do it because they want to. Because, for many of us, we have to. We  are driven by that primal drive in us to create. To scratch and stain the rough stone wall of our communal cave.

For your viewing pleasure...

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