The Polite Photographer

A modest Civil War reenactment was held yesterday on the grounds of a fake log cabin in Maryville. I didn’t get there until well after noon. Despite the high, harsh light I decided to give it a go. I brought both cameras with me, the D50 with the 18-55mm lens and the D40 with the 55-200mm.

The only really interesting subjects were the various “reenactors” and “reenactresses”.

It is perfectly legal to take a photo of anything or anyone you can see in a public place. It’s legal but, with people, and especially with women, it isn’t wise. I always ask. Nicely as I can.

As I suspected people who spend a great deal of time getting themselves gussied up as historical figures don’t at all mind being looked at – or photographed.  Of course when you have two cameras around your neck people think you must be a professional photographer.

Virtually every portrait I posted of my anachronistic subjects was taken using the 55-200 lens. With its narrow depth of field and ability to get very close it saved the day (along with Photoshop).

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