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Weird Groups of the Week

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Flickr is groups. We all post to groups. Most of us start and run groups. Some groups are obvious: nikon, grand canyon, black and white portraits, sunsets.

Some groups are weird. Really weird. Hydrants-a-Gogo, for instance, is a group with 1,277 images of, yes, fire hydrants. Matchbooks & Collectable Matchbooks is what  it says. Also see Ants, Trash, Men’s Shoes, Sock Heaven, Toes in the Tub, and Nail Art. Then there’s One Bottle, Three, Four-on-a-Couch, and The Five  Dollar Comparison (a group of photographs of stuff that cost five bucks!)

And finally, of course, this is the aptly named group Weird Shit.

Latin Sorcery

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“Riseheart” was one of my first friends on Flickr. All I really know about him is he lives somewhere in Spain and he’s a magnificent photographer. He has an uncanny knack for casual portraiture.  His subjects are “ordinary people”, often friends and family members. Somehow, perhaps through  Latin sorcery, he makes his subjects glow. They gaze at his camera as if it is their favorite thing in all the world.

You will find some of his better shots here, here, here, and here.

On the Road Again

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Yesterday morning, with a supreme act of will, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, loaded my camera bag and spent three hours meandering through Blount and Loudon counties. The sky was overcast but it was unseasonably warm, in the seventies by mid morning. 

For almost three years now I’ve been photographing east Tennessee, from Morristown in the north to Chattanooga to the south.  My Tennessee: Town & Country collection on Flickr has 77 sets. Amazingly, I can still recall taking the vast majority of the thousands of shots in the collection.

Here are a few of the better shots from yesterday morning’s ride (the entire set):

Those Who Can’t…

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I’m not doing much photography right now. Well, actually, I’m not doing any photography right now.  The weather’s awful. I’m still obsessed with my new Iphone. My shutter finger has atrophied.

I had an old client return to see me this week. I showed off by showing him and his wife a copy of Visions, my magnum opus collection of my better photographs. He was suitably complimentary. He wife, a sweet faced, agreeable woman, told me she really enjoyed “taking pictures” but didn’t know how to make her Kodak point and shoot “work”. My half  hour lecture on the elements of photography may have been a bit overdone. Looking back, I probably lost her when I started explaining the circle of confusion