So you think you are a serious landscape photographer? You’ve got the gear. You’ve got the motivation. You’ve got a list of places you like to shoot. You’ve got a portfolio of shots you think are good.

Forget about it. You’re just another amateur, another dilettante with a Manfrotto tripod.

Here’s a serious landscape photographer. A very serious landscape photographer. A very, very serious landscape photographer: Patrick Smith. He’s incredible. He searches for the original view and avoids the cliche shots. He plots his shots out weeks, months or even years ahead. In his landscapes every element is perfect. Light. Color. Texture.  Everything. Just plain perfect.

Look at his photographs. Read his comments and profile. Learn from a master. Peter Smith may be the best landscape photographer on Flickr.

Take a deep breath and look at this, and this, and this


  1. He is very good. Thanks so much for your recommending him. It gives hope to us who wish to aspire to his level of art.

    Thanks again.

  2. vidular (Joe) Says:

    Thank you for recommending such serious and talented photographers as Peter Smith. In addition to his superb work he describes how and why each is photographed which is the mark of someone helping to make a better world.

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