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And I Love It So!!!

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I purchased a new camera. It’s a two or so megapixel thing with a fixed lens and no shutter or aperture control. Cost me $300. And I Love It So!!!

OK, so it isn’t sold as a camera. It’s sold as a phone. But that’s not really true, either (the phone isn’t even all that great…) It’s an I-phone. And I Love It So!!!

I know this has been said before about ten thousand times, but the  I-phone is the future: access to every kind of data, including entertainment, everywhere all the time. And I Love It So!!!

So far I’ve downloaded an audio book, installed Google Earth, a ton of music, the last episode of Dr. Who, and played endlessly with the ultra-cool interface.  Oh, I almost forgot, I took a handful of photos… 

And I Love It So!!!


Fun With Tags!

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There are 20,763 photographs on Flickr tagged “hammer” and 48, 816 tagged “nails”.

370,340 “shoes”, 175,167 “socks”.

Photos tagged “bread”: 119,005; photos tagged “butter”: 35,322.  Hat (405,980), coat (49,740). Black (2,143,051) white (2,506,547). Mutt (50,836), Jeff (253,971). Nickel (6,381) & dime (3,741).

Sonny (15,936) & Cher (9,409). Bagel (10,412) & lox (9,409). Pen (110,290) & pencil (93,867). Penn (43,832) & Teller (4,577).

Washington (1,878,826) & Lee (168,656). Spick (92) & span (6,946). Salt (123,537) & pepper (62,782). Ying (8,411) & Yang (17,980).

War (424,472) & Peace (321,306). Hot (915,644) & cold (582,533).

Sugar (125,635) and spice (28,881), and “everything nice” (34). Snips (1,115) and Snails (14,320) and “puppy dog tails” (29).

Look What I Found!

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I was trying to find charity sites on Flickr. A vague idea for a post about the use of Flickr for charitable purposes was milling though me. I went to Explore and typed in “charity”. I looked at one or two of the items that popped up, then I found…

SATOR AREPO’S PHOTOSTREAM.  From Catalonia, his images are matter of fact, not overly showy, but compelling and tightly composed masterpieces often masquerading as simple slice of life photographs. Not many photographers on Flickr have images faved a thousand times. Arepo does. For a taste of his work go here, here or here. O, hell, here’s one more. This last one  is worthy of prolonged study…

Blast from the Past

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Before I purchased my Nikon D50 I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5, a five megapixel “point and shoot” little black, plastic camera with a 12X zoom lens. I learned a lot using the FZ5 (I had it from  October, 2005, until mid June, 2006). 

Camera technology races forward relentlessly. I bought my Nikon D50 on June 15th of ’06. Since I first snapped the shutter on my Nikon it has been surpassed by the D80, D40, D40X, and now the D60 as an “entry level” DSLR. The FMC-FZ5, introduced way back in early 2005,  is a relic of antiquity; the latest model in the Panasonic line is the  Lumix DMC-FZ28K, a 10 megapixel, 18X zoom lens camera for less than $320. 

There are still lots of photographers on Flickr using the FZ5. The users group is here. Some excellent FZ5 shots are here, here, and here. The last (decent) photograph I took with my Panasonic is below.


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It’s raining and I’m a wuss. I ought to be out there, camera to my eye, intrepidly capturing the flora and fauna in the wilds of middle east Tennessee.  Instead I’m sitting here, half dressed, slurping tepid coffee and telling myself I will creep outside tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

On July 15, 2007, I uploaded this photo to Flickr, It’s a detail of the rocks and weeds that line one side of the riverbank just below the Fort Loudon Dam (in Loudon county, about thirty miles south of Knoxville). I was intrigued by the contrast between the rough gray stones and the green weeds shooting up through the spaces between those rocks. I wasn’t happy with the result. The image looks too flat. Another example of what happens when you shoot with the sun too high in the sky.

This morning, to assuage my guilt for staying home, I tried a “do over” in Photoshop. I’m not at all sure the new version is any better. At least its different and I did put a sweet little border around it.

Below you may compare the original (on the left) with today’s remix:



Another Flickr Star

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Flickr is a bit like the Milky Way. Most of our galaxy is empty space and disorganized gas and dust. So it is with Flickr. Most of  what you find is the photographic equivalent of unlit, aimless dust, photos only the photographer’s mother could love. 

Travel through the Flickr universe long enough, however, and you will encounter stars burning fiercely, bright and beautiful beacons of photographic art.

Publik_oberberg is a star cluster all by himself (herself?). His photographs are vivid and compel the eye. Here’s his Darkr stream. Enjoy a trip to his beautiful stars…

Photo-Journalism on Flickr

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Flickr, at its best, opens a window on neglected parts of our world. We see and read much about the effects of global warning. There are many other crimes against nature committed by man. Most of them are ignored by the Western press but there are dedicated photographers on Flicker whose photographs document those crimes.

Kelly Chen’s photos portrays the effects of  the gradual disappearance of the Aral Sea. Her haunting photographs of decaying ships, now miles from the shore, make the slow motion catastrophe vivid. Here’s a link to more about the plight of  the Aral Sea.