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When the Shutter is Silent…

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I haven’t snapped the shutter since the day after Christmas. The weather has been bad, I spent most my free time working on the Christmas party project, and, most recently, I have been battling a bad case of the Crud. I’ve developed a bad case of Itchy Finger Syndrome…

The image below is from a photograph I took in early June of ’07 just after 7:00 AM in Cades Cove. I had just started down the loop road and was literally less than a third of a mile into the Cove.  I was out of my car and turned back toward the gate and saw this wonderful scene. I’ve shot in the Cove six or seven times since that misty dawn. This image, however, remains one of my favorites.


Dawn in Cades Cove

Dawn in Cades Cove

Finally Finished & Published…

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bbookfShots of the book we just got back from the publisher we put together for the Loudon County Bar Association depicting scenes from their Christmas Breakfast on December 20, 2008. We added a selection of lawyer jokes and stories, famous quotations about the law, a bit of history of Loudon county and some gorgeous shots of the lake…  Anyone can purchase a hard or softback copy of the book HERE.


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Want a quick lesson on the ins and outs of photo composition?

ACAMPM1’s photostream’s the place to go. 

Browse his first five pages or so and you will see examples of most of the standard rules of composition. Here’s a great image which is a virtual school on composition all by itself.

I’m Number 120,977,375! I’m Number 120,977,375!

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How many photos on Flickr? Two billion? Three? Four? I don’t know. Either I’m not that good with The Google, or Flickr doesn’t release that number very often (I found a site claiming three billion over a year ago).

Anyway, lets be conservative and estimate a paltry three billion.

 Now, how many of those billions are worth looking at? How many are “good”? Hmmm, let’s just pick a number out of our back pocket. How about one out of a hundred? That means there are  thirty million “good” photos on Flickr.

Let’s assume one out of thousand Flickr images are really great. The kind of image you would brag about taking and make all of your friends and family look at again and again. There are three million of those “really great” shots on Flickr. If you spent ten seconds looking at each of those three million shots I have utterly no idea how long it would take you to look at all of them. But it would be a really long time, I betchya.

 You see where this is headed. If one out of a million shots on Flickr are super-duper, stupendously, amazingly great “once in a lifetime” by Ansel Adams kind of  photo there are three thousand “super-duper, etc. , etc., etc.” photos on Flickr. Yeah. Three thousand

So, by the above logic, and giving myself every benefit of the doubt, if my best image is in the top five percent of images judged by quality on Flickr, then there are about one hundred twenty million photos on Flickr better than my best (see below).

That’s either very depressing or really inspiring, I’m not sure which.


I’m a Two Camera Guy

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Now that I think of myself as a pro it occurred to me I needed another camera. You know, for a backup. It also occurred to me how cool I’d look with TWO Nikons slung around my neck. Yeah! Like a cowboy with matching ebony handled six shooters on his belt.

So I bought a used Nikon D40 from a woman I met in my day job. Don’t sneer. It has the same sensor and image software as my D50. In fact, Ken Rockwell, that controversial outspoken camera guru, thinks the D40 is a damn good camera. 

So, anyway, now I’m ready for anything…!

Where the Hell was I!?

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Sometimes I grab my camera bag, hop in the Civic and just meander south and west along snaky secondary roads. One afternoon in August ’07 I was thus occupied when I  came upon the scene depicted above. The light was right. The sky was right. I had only recently purchased my ultrawide zoom (11-18mm) lens and managed to put it too good use. I was quite tickled with the result. 

My photos proved better – much better – than my memory. Several times since that August afternoon I’ve tried with no success to find the same location when I’ve been driving around . 

Recently I stumbled back upon the scene. Sadly, the light and weather were “not right” to make a photo anywhere near as good as the one above.

I also just happened on the scene depicted in the below image. It was over two years ago. I was entranced by the curving white fence against the green, green grass. I now have utterly no idea where I was when I snapped the photograph. I don’t even know what county I was in! If you know where I was please drop me a line…

FLICKR: Unintended Consequences

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Flickr was originally intended simply as a photo sharing site. Now it has mutated in a thousand ways not dreamt of by its originators.

Here’s a blog post I found in just a few minutes of Googling demonstrating my point… And  anotherOne moreStill moreSorry… I seem to be going on and on and on.